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From The Desk of: Raj Singh Sandhu
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Now, before you click on the exit button of this page thinking that there is no way for you to have your own SEO business…

Give me just one minute to explain what I am about to offer you today because this is not one of those over hyped IM push button products of the week or another rehashed Internet Marketing course.

In fact, this has NOTHING to do with any of that over-hyped nonsense.
What I am about to reveal to you in the coming moments is a REAL BUSINESS opportunity to provide a really important business service that…

EVERY business owner on the PLANET needs and most importantly WANTS!
Yes, you read that correctly. I am about to reveal to you how you can cash in quickly and easily by providing a service that every business owner needs and wants.
Now you might think that I sound insane or that you may need to have some special skill set.

What if I told you that you do not need to have:
  • Technical Skills
  • Previous Experience
  • A Marketing List
  • Your Own Product
  • Loads of Cash to get started
Now I know what you are thinking. This sounds too good to be true. Well it isn’t and this is WHY you must pay close attention to EVERYTHING that I am about to reveal to you on this page as it will change your life.
Gone Are the Days of Hard Selling…
How would you like to wake up tomorrow morning and be able to literally hand pick clients who are TRULY eager for you to call them and when you call them they JUMP on the opportunity that you present them?

Or even better yet wouldn’t it be awesome to generate clients without ever having to pick up the phone?
Sound too good to be true?
Well it isn’t too good to be true…

I do it every single day and my business cashes in like crazy! So crazy in fact that I have even had months where I have made more than $4,000 a month then just by working from the comfort of my own home and only working part-time.

Now this doesn’t mean I only work 15 minutes per day like those cheesy over-hyped BS IM sales letters.
As you can see from above that is a REAL LIFE screenshot from my personal Bank account. The reason that I am showing you this is because I want you to see with your very own eyes how incredible this business opportunity is and how it will truly change your life as it changed my life.

The best part is I have literally been able to build a client list that truly values my skills and the best part is I don’t work 24/7 but I do put effort into my business on a daily basis.

Again, I know that sounds too good to be true as we all have heard those insane claims many times but please bear with me as soon you will see how this is NOT one of those over-hyped systems but a real business opportunity for you to cash in with.

You are about to discover for yourself how you can have the same client base that I have and cash in just like I do month after month... Quickly scaling up your business and earning more and more each and every month. The possibilities are truly endless and so is the income potential!

Now, I know the thought of having to get clients of your own probably terrifies you as it requires selling and that is a bit intimidating to most people and I completely understand where you are coming from.
When I First Started My Business I Would Crash and Burn as If I was Flying a Fighter Jet for the First Time… I was Awful!
I can still remember feeling the pure terror and the burning sensation on my face as I tried to land clients over and over again and I had to deal with the constant rejection.

No one likes rejection! Luckily for me I was determined to keep going. The constant rejection gave me fuel to figure out what I was doing wrong. You see I am not the type to just give up and walk away. I had to know what I was doing wrong and start landing clients. It literally became my life…

Until I discovered the ONE HUGE MISTAKE that I was making and when I discovered this huge mistake I was literally kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner and saving myself the constant embarrassment and rejection.

The good news is YOU don’t have to make the same mistake I made and you can literally have clients handed to you on a silver platter no matter what your current experience level is.

I am dead serious when I say you do not need:
  • Technical Skills
  • Previous Experience
  • A Marketing List
  • Your Own Product
  • Loads of Cash to get started
  • 20,000 social media followers
  • Be Well Known
With the service that I am about to reveal to you in the next few moments, YOU will literally be able to skip over the embarrassment I went through or it might just save you from it if you are currently stuck in it like I was.
Now I am sure you are wondering what the magical service is and how you will be able to offer it if you have zero previous experience.
SEO is The Golden Cash Cow for Both Online and Offline Business...
And Will Enable You to CASH IN Like You NEVER HAVE BEFORE!.
Now, before we get into how you can start your own SEO business and start cashing in just like myself and others in the same field I want to be completely honest with you…

SEO is not the only service that I currently offer but it is the first service that I first started growing my business with and is the one that will enable you to grow your business the fastest with the least amount of experience required.

As your business grows you can add more services in the future just like I did.
With Your Very Own SEO Business You Can Expect:
  • Easy & Fast Way to Make Money…
  • Get Long Term Clients Paying $5000…
  • Earn Passive Income from Home…
  • Automate All Processes & Relax…
  • Start Collecting Money Tomorrow…
Now before you say starting my own SEO business sounds great but I know nothing about SEO or how to start a SEO business…
You can start your own SEO BUSINESS...
…As long as you NEVER make the SAME HUGE MISTAKE I MADE
Remember, how I mentioned the reason I was crashing and burning while trying to obtain new clients earlier all because of one huge mistake?

The trick is I thought I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about SEO because I read up on it on Google and bought several eBooks and online courses that were supposed to show me the path to a successful lucrative SEO business.

Instead they left me with more questions than answers and I ended up penalizing my sites BECAUSE of the bad info in all of the courses and eBooks!

That is when I became incredibly determined to figure out SEO the right way and I literally tested on my own sites for 2 years until I figured out the exact system to truly succeeding online and saw my sites grow at an astronomical rate… All the way to page one of Google!...
Now I do it on a consistent basis for clients every month earning me $4,000+ every month for clients…
And I get my clients rankings like this:
As you can see I know what I am doing when it comes to SEO and my clients love me for it! And yours will be too! Once you Discover What I am revealing right now…
It is Time for You to Start Your Lucrative Business with Wealthy SEO…
The VERY FIRST SEO Course That is Step-by- Step and Leaves No Stone Upturned, Ensuring a Life Time Business that You Can Continuously Scale up Month After Month!
With Wealthy SEO and Dedication, You Will Be Able to Start YOUR VERY own Lucrative SEO Business!
This comprehensive membership course was created for you to actually set-up a home SEO business, not just learn how to do SEO. You’ll be asked to take specific action steps throughout this course that will walk you through setting up your business so by the end of this course you will be completely ready to start accepting customers and making cash online as well as offline.

In this course, you’ll discover 4 different ways you can make money in the SEO field so you can diversify your income and explore new options you may not have thought of. You’ll see exactly how to use your SEO knowledge to generate monthly recurring revenue doing a job you love from anywhere in the world!
Here Are the Benefits You Will Receive When You Join Wealthy SEO Today:
  • Start Making Money with Your Very Own Home Based SEO Business!
  • A Business That Can Make Recurring Income Month After Month
  • Every business wants to get ranked top on google search results and that’s the easiest source for making easy quick cash and long term passive income that exists today.
  • Get Long Term Clients that pay on average $5000 over a 4-6month period depending on your rates that Will Enable you to Earn 4 figures Monthly, that you can scale up to earn even 5-6 figures monthly!
  • Anyone Can Do and No Experience Required as There Is No Shortage of Hungry Buyers
  • Get All Tools to Start Your Business and Automate All Processes & Relax
  • Quickest and Easy Way to Make Money and Start Collecting Money Tomorrow
Here is a Brief Preview of What to Expect in the Member’s Area of Wealthy SEO When You Join Today:
In Wealthy SEO we have a comprehensive member’s area that includes:
  • 5 comprehensive learning modules with a multitude of training videos in each module. These are not cheesy 2minute learning modules but they are chock full of REAL TECHNIQUES that I use to generate my income.
  • Complete SEO training
  • Bonuses which I will describe below.
  • Additional resources to speed up the process

Here is a Brief Preview of What You Will Discover in Each Learning Module:

MODULE 1: Setting Up Your Business

Learn to setup your business from scratch. Discover best names for your business which will bring customers by finding you and not your competitor. Learn to create your professional graphics, logo design and website design which internet gurus and high level graphic designers only know. Setup your own SEO website with compelling SEO packages which will sell like hot cakes.

MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Business Website

Learn to setup your website from scratch, we will give show you how to design free website, logo design and provide you all content for pages and pricing table to kick start your business. Also we will show how rank it on top of Google to get leads and customers online. You don’t need to contact people as people will contact you! We have proven system which we will share to copy paste in your website.

MODULE 3: Getting Clients

Do you hate calling people and selling? Then you need to learn how to get in front of hundreds of hungry buyers without calling them. Learn how to use Google and Facebook to find clients fully automated with proven system which works like magic. Also learn how send emails to find clients which get opened and replied and compel businesses to say YES for SEO.

MODULE 4: Closing Deals and Get Paid

Close deals even without meeting people and start collecting money online using simple and effective way. Send invoices like professionals with free invoicing software which also collects money for you. So all hard work is done for you and you just need to push buttons and start receiving money.

MODULE 5: Delivering SEO Services

SEO Strategy Training. This training will enable you to be able to develop a SEO strategy no matter what niche or business hires you for their services. Plus, we also show you techniques on how to outsource a multitude of the tasks so that you literally can sit back and have 90% of your business all on auto-pilot. The other 10% after you learn the system is following up with your outsourcers and ensuring that they are working, following the system and generating results.
As You Can See, I am Literally Revealing Every Secret That Will Enable You to Quickly Build Your Very Own SEO Business…
Start Earning Money This Month for an Incredibly Low Introductory Price...
Take advantage of the fact that in just 5 minutes from now you will be well on your way to owning your very own lucrative SEO business where you need zero experience.
This is the easiest sale ever for you! The service sells itself. You just need the platform to be able to offer the service.
Secure your membership to Wealthy SEO before your competition does and swipes up the entire local market, shutting you out for good!
As you can see I want to see you succeed as well as your client’s businesses.
That is why I created Wealthy SEO. I know that this is the perfect solution to generating yourself an incredible stream of income as well as your own clients.
The best part is you are just a click away from an amazing financial investment advice, coaching and consultation service guaranteed to help you earn unlimited profits from your Home SEO Business.

Click on the join now button and make the smartest investment of your life!
Plus, When You Join Wealthy SEO Today on Top of the Instant Savings…
…I am Also Giving You Access to These Fast Action Bonuses that Will Enable You to Scale Up Your SEO Business Even Faster:
Plus, When You Join Wealthy SEO Today on Top of the Instant Savings…
…I am Also Giving You Access to These Fast Action Bonuses that Will Enable You to Scale Up Your SEO Business Even Faster:

FAST ACTION BONUS 1: Google Hangouts Training

With this FREE bonus you will learn to Use Google Hangouts to Grow Your Business for Zero Cost! The methods in this course are REALLY simple … baby step by baby step directions to follow. All you need is the willingness to take hangouts seriously. Once you see Google Hangouts as your television station, this course will have you creating traffic pulling content at will. Follow video formula to have the kind of FREE traffic system that you’ll seriously need as Google begins to rely more on video. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Value $37- Yours free today when you join Wealthy SEO.

FAST ACTION BONUS 2: YouTube Video Training

This is your chance to discover how to Fully Customize, and run a YouTube Channel for yourself and other businesses. Unlock the power & benefits of YouTube, social media integration & search engine optimization for more traffic and bigger profits. Learn to step by step methods to setup YouTube video channel for SEO services and rank your videos in Google search engine. Learn to optimize videos and YouTube channel with right kind of keywords and integrate with major social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn WordPress video SEO strategies for ranking websites using video SEO techniques. Value $47- Yours free today when you join Wealthy SEO.


This is your chance to join a webinar session with usj that will help you discover great secrets, tips and tricks for generating full time income by just selling SEO Services and see how easy it is to make money. Meet our successful team jand ask your questions directly and benefit from their experience. Value $147- Yours free today when you join Wealthy SEO
Plus, Instead of Offering it as an Upsell Like Many Marketers You Gain…
Free Access to this One Time Offer:
And Get Free Bonuses
With This Package!

SEO Business Tools and Documents

Get all the business tools to run your SEO business and copy our time tested powerful email templates, presentations, contracts and many more documents which will make you authority in your local area and give advantage over your competitors to market your services and bring more customers fast. Value $197- Yours free today when you join Wealthy SEO
All of these fast action bonuses have a Retail Value of $428 and this even includes our FREE One Time Offer that includes additional SEO business tools and documents that will put you on the speedway to scaling-up your business even faster.
Hurry and Click on the Join Now Button Below Now, Before Your Competitors Get a Hold of this and Dominate Your Local Offline Business Opportunities!
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So What Are You Waiting For
By Now you must be eager to get started with Building Your Own Lucrative 4-5 Figure Per Month Business!
• I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant accessi to this powerful SEO BUSINESS COURSE that is capable of generating myself clients that pay me to help them with their SEO that will increase their site rankings as well as earning them as much money as possible. At the same time provide me with an income that I can scale up month after month… Generating myself an uncapped income.

• I’ll have immediate access to the exact system that has proven effective and profitablei for you.

• I know that Wealthy SEO is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to have right now.

• Plus, when I join Wealthy SEO I am getting access to 3 incredible bonuses and 1 FREE One Time Offer. These incredible free bonuses have a total retail value of $428 and they are mine free when I join Wealthy SEO today.
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We are so confident that y Wealthy SEO Program is EXACTLY what you need to make huge amount of MONEY ONLINE… That we are giving you 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simple drop us a line and we’ll be very happy to give you every single penny you paid us.
Click the Join Now Button to Start Your Very Own Lucrative SEO Business...
Wealthy SEO Business Model
One-Time Only Payment – No Monthly Charges
I look forward to hearing YOUR success story.
Save yourself years and who knows how much money exploring how to build a successful SEO business. For one low price, you’ll get to benefit from ALL my experience and easily start your very own lucrative business that will have businesses begging you to help them!

To your success,
Insert Signature

P.S. Don’t forget my $5 off discount is only available 7 days then Wealthy SEO goes back to its retail pricing of $27 and in a few weeks the price will go up to $37. Secure your savings now by clicking on the link below.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there any other cost to Setup SEO Business?
You only need domain name which cost $10 and web hosting which may cost less than $40 yearly. You do not require any special software if outsourcing the work. However we will show free software to use for seo and also introduce paid ones which may costs less than $100 for doing SEO yourself.

How to design website?
We will give show you how to design free website, logo design and provide you all content for pages and pricing table to kick start your business.

Do I need any experience?
No, you don’t need any experience and anybody can do it as we will show from scrach to setup business, brand name, professional website, seo packages, seo tools and all ready to use templates required to market and provide services.

Can I do seo myself and not outsource?
Yes, we will cover both training. You can can do it yourself and we will provide full training to do yourself. However for enjoying better lifestyle and expand your business, it is better to outsource most of the jobs. We will show you how and where to outsource all the seo work from preparing proposals to delivering seo service.
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